Weekend sleepover

We spent the weekend on board Carina, and it was great!! The girls were quite excited by it all, wanting to explore everything above and below decks. I’m pleased that, so far, they enjoy wearing their life jackets, as they are compulsory for walking the long pontoons to and from the boat. For some unknown reason they’ve both become very attached to their cuddly Tigger and he has to come everywhere, so I also had to be on the lookout for Tigger’s safety all weekend!

We brought along games and storybooks to keep them entertained, and Julian and I even managed to get some chores done. We met with a couple of glitches. It appears the aft heads is leaking (and the foreward heads isn’t ready for use yet), so we had to improvise and use the…ahem…wash basin! Sorting our toilets out will be Julian’s main job when he’s next on board! The larger of our two solar panels appears to be somewhat temperamental, and we’ve yet to figure out how to convert the port-side saloon seat into a double bed.

On Saturday night after the girls had gone to bed, I marked undergrad essays in the cosy saloon. It was rather pleasant. I wonder is my mellow mood reflected in the grades I gave my students?!

The girls and Julian slept soundly. I didn’t. No fault of the boat’s though. I’ve managed to pick up a cold, and my sore throat and runny nose kept me awake all night. We awoke to blue skies on Sunday morning, and Lily and Katie (and Tigger) enjoyed waving to all the boats going past. After breakfast we went for a play on a nearby beach. Julian and Lily explored rock pools, but after a while Katie and I returned to Carina – Katie to take a nap and I to make the cooker sparkle.

The weekend ended all too quickly, and it will be two weeks before we’re aboard again. Roll on mid-April



5 thoughts on “Weekend sleepover

  1. Oooo… Martina that sounds like my kind of weekend, I’m envious!! Wishing you all many happy & safe trips on board the lovely Carina.
    Lots of love from Sean & Yvonne.

  2. Loved your inspirational first post, but now we’re having to read about you weeing in the sink! It’s all gone downhill very quickly…
    I hope you’re feeling better soon and that tigger gets his own life jacket.

  3. I’m just hoping you’re keeping Charlie safe and properly fitted out with a life jacket? You know he likes to wander…

    It really sounds great Martina! You *will* come by Sweden to travel the famous locks at Berg, won’t you?

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