Three more weeks on land

Three weeks until we move out of our flat and onboard Carina. I’m less concerned about the move aboard than about what to do with all of our stuff still in the flat. Despite ridding ourselves of most of our possessions over the past year we still seem to have an awful lot! Julian took a car load of stuff to his dad’s house this week, and we’re planning a car boot sale some weekend, but there always seems to be more stuff. We’ll get there!!

My friend from London sent me these great photos she took while visiting last weekend.


4 thoughts on “Three more weeks on land

  1. Hi Martina. Sorry I havnt been in touch, what an adventure you and your family are embarking on…It sounds great. Hope you have good sea legs..all of you. Are you staying in Devon?
    marie costello

  2. wow, good for you, decluttering (word?) your life!!! You’re paring down to the essentials, the most important things, which are NOT possessions 🙂 I’m so impressed and wish you all kinds of happiness on board!!!!

  3. You all look lovely! *It* looks lovely – if a little cool… mind you; if yo’d been here you’d have stayed in harbour and indoors… 😉

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