It’s raining, it’s pouring

Another weekend aboard Carina, this time in pouring rain and high winds. My sister’s visiting, so I’m not sure the poor weather has left her with the best impression. We’ve had to be innovative in keeping the girls occupied in this weather, and with most of their toys and amusements still in the flat, we had to work hard. On Saturday, we took the ferry over to the National Marine Aquarium, always a winning rainy day activity. The girls enjoyed showing their auntie all the fish, and we got to speak to a woman about sea turtles and examine a green turtle shell. Lily informed the lady ‘the biggest fish in the sea is a shark’, something I didn’t know she knew!!

Yesterday we wandered through the rain up to the quaint village of Turnchapel and enjoyed huge plates of fish and chips at the inappropriately named Boringdon Arms. The girls enjoyed some icecream afterwards, that Lily enjoyed sitting up on a bar stool and ordering from the bar by herself. Start ’em you, eh.

With moving day looming, Julian’s been working above and below decks to get Carina ready. He’s put the mainsail up and the mizzen rigging is a work in progress. We now have two (mostly) working heads, so no more peeing in the plastic basin!! We’re currently in a rather annoying state of in-between-ness, with our belongings divided between boat and flat. So we constantly find ourselves needing something important, only to discover it’s in the other place. I’m looking forward to having everything in one place again. In the meantime, everything’s a little topsy turvy. With the new term not starting until April 30th, I’m taking the rest of this week off work, so hopefully by the end of the week, we’ll be a lot more organised.

Time to go now and take my sister back to the airport.



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