Packing and moving

I’ve been quiet for a while, at home with the girls, packing boxes and getting ready to move, while Julian’s been on Carina getting her more and more ready for moving day. I’ve got three sets of stuff taking up different spaces in the flat – things to go on the boat, things to go into storage, and things to car boot. I packed up the car last night with boat things and drove down to Plymouth this morning to face the task of finding space for everything. I was surprised at how painless it was. It only took me a few hours to find new homes for everything, and there’s still plenty of space for the rest of our stuff – clothes, cooking utensils, food, toys, etc. There’s still a lot to come on board, but I feel I’ve made some real headway today.

Sitting here now, looking around at my little floating home, I realise we’ve come a long way since the broker handed us the keys for Carina back at the start of November. I wish I’d taken photos of the progress, but it was never easy. When Carina was out of the water at Queen Ann Battery getting the kids up and down the ladder was a chore that often ended in tears, and as soon as we came aboard Lily would invariably want to go for a wee, so back down the ladder again to go to the public toilets. So taking photos was never on my mind. Carina’s had her engine taken out and been a mess below decks with both Julian and mechanics working on her. And after all that, we’ve had so much cleaning and sorting out to do.

But here I am, cup of tea beside me, surrounded by my things and my family’s things, and it’s lovely. I unpacked this afternoon while listening to Carole King’s Tapestry and checking emails from work and friends. And now I’m about to spend the evening writing a paper on Inuit environmental governance that I was supposed to have written ages ago. My editor has kindly agreed to an extension til May 18th – so quiet time to write write write. The only question is…should I pop to the shop for a bottle of wine?!


One thought on “Packing and moving

  1. Absolutely not !! Tapestry should be enough to get you in a mellow mood and not sure that will help with your paper writing !!!!!!! Love reading your blog by the way… Get writing as 18th May not too far away. Big hug…. ❤

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