Moving day

It’s moving day at last. I say at last when in fact everything has happened pretty quickly. In April last year we set ourselves a goal to be living on a boat within 12 months and we’re only about three weeks behind schedule. Not bad going. I think it’s come about through a combination of perseverance and luck. We were very lucky to find our boat where and when we did. Last September we were considering boats in Ballast and west Scotland, and buying one of those would really have made our lives difficult. But to find the perfect boat the week we moved down to Selfish and only an hour away in Plymouth was a touch of luck. But then we pushed on through winter, Julian spending every weekend on the boat doing repairs and making Carina both livable and sea worthy.

So here we are. Julian has just left the house to pick up a van to take all our remaining furniture to his parents’ houses in the midlands. Meanwhile I’ve a bit more packing to do then I want to take the girls to play group before we travel over to Torquay this afternoon. It’s lashing rain which doesn’t make for easy moving conditions. More later.


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