I’m 100 pages into a great little book by Tom Neale called All in the same boat. It’s about his experience of living aboard a yacht for 18 years with his wife and two daughters. When his family started the cruising life his girls were around the age mine are. The book is jam packed with great ideas for living in such a small and moving space. Already I’m looking at Carina differently and thinking about all the spaces I hadn’t actually thought of as spaces before. He’s given me so many ideas. I’m looking forward to putting some of them into practice in the next few days and weeks.

There was great excitement this evening when a large school of thick-lipped grey mullet congregated under the boat next to us. Lily ran off below deck to get fish identification book (we were pretty sure they were mullet, but we wanted confirmation) and Katie bounced up and down and pointed excitedly. In addition to the wildlife, the girls have taken to rushing up on deck whenever new neighbours arrive to shout hello. I’m sure the prospect of spending the night next to a boat of noisy kids must fill some weary sailors with dread, but one of the wonderful things about moving aboard is that the girls’ sleeping patterns have changed and they’re now generally sleeping through the night and often not waking until 8am. I haven’t had restful night and lie-ins like these since before Lily was born! I hope I’m looking as refreshed and rested as I feel!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Thats all good news Martina, especially the little one’s new sleep pattern which is a godsend for you and Julian…. must be all the fresh air and gentle rocking of the boat !…. on that score how do you think you’ll all manage stormy weather ( hopefully not too often ) in dock …. is that something you should take in your stride once you have experienced it a few times ? I can imagine that Lily and Katie will handle most situations better than you and Julian ! What an exciting time for you all. Big hug. Love Auntie Liz xx

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