So much to do

It’s been over a week since we moved aboard, and there’s so much to do. I’ve gone out to work every day this week, leaving Julian and the girls to get used to their new home. They’ve been having lots of fun exploring and getting up to all sorts of fun activities. But now the weekend is here and we’ve got lots to do. We dressed the girls up in their wet weather gear this morning and we all set to scrubbing the deck together. The girls loved it – lots of water to play with and splashing in their rubber boots. They both had scrubbing brushes and they enjoyed helping out. When they grew bored I brought out their bath toys and they played with them in buckets and basins of water. For the rest of today Katie’s been saying ‘scrub the decks’ in a very bossy and funny voice!

While I’ve been concentrating on getting our living quarters organised, finding space for things and shifting stuff around to make it more accessible, Julian concentrated on the sails today. I was called up on deck now and again to help him out. The main sail is now set, and he has fixed the problem with the forestay so the genoa can be set up tomorrow. Fixing the forestay involved me hoisting Julian up the forestay in the bosun’s chair. He’s almost a foot taller than me and weighs about seven stone more than me, so we were both a bit nervous at the prospect of me hoisting him up. It proved relatively easy, as the winch on the mast took most of the strain. While he hung suspended in mid air I jumped off the boat and took his photo. He’s a very trusting man! I don’t think I’d be quite as trusting if we did things the other way around!!



3 thoughts on “So much to do

  1. Hi Martina,
    love reading your blog and feel i am also learning a good bit about boats, names of things that i would previously have referred to as ‘YOKES ‘ !!!! Think i might be able to impress Conor with my little bit of knowledge now, mind you knowing me i’ll prob get it all mixed up but what the heck !! Love all the pictures and account of keeping the girls occupied and happy whilst using them little little chimney sweeps of yore !!! Way to go Martina ! Your Mammy is really looking forward to her visit to Carina next week and i am praying for beautiful, calm conditions so she does’nt get worried about you all. Enjoy your weekend. ❤ xxxx

    • Thanks Liz. Glad you’re enjoying it! Looking forward to Mammy coming over to visit, but a little apprehensive as well. Hope she likes it, hope she doesn’t think we’re too crazy, hope she has room for at least one cream tea and one Devon clotted cream icecream!! xx

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