Hot hot hot

I’m not sure where the week has disappeared to, but here we are and it’s already Friday night. I’ll blame the weather. Those of you in the UK know that it’s been hot hot hot. And that makes me lethargic and fuzzy-headed and wanting nothing other than a cold beer at the end of each day. The girls have spent the week on the beach, swimming and building sandcastles – or rather demanding that Julian make them lots of sandcastles. Katie finds endless amusement in demolishing hers, while Lily decorates hers with shells and seaweed. I’ve spent the week cursing the fact that I don’t have my swimsuit with me when I get off the train in Torquay every evening. Oh for a quick dip in the sea after the hot and sticky train journey from Exeter.

I’m going to Brixham tomorrow morning to do my VHF-radio course, and on Sunday we’re planning a sail with some Exeter geographers. Now I must go to bed. Goodnight.


One thought on “Hot hot hot

  1. Gee, we feel for you in that heat! and, just to remind you of the north, here we have had a cloudy, windy week (about minus 2!), with dirty snow and mud puddles all around 🙂 but today the sun is out, and it WILL be getting warmer!!
    Glad to hear your kids are getting to be sand castle experts 🙂 and Julian too!

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