When Granny came to stay

I have to admit I was a little nervous about my mother coming to visit. She flies over from Ireland to see us about once every two months, but this weekend was her first time to come aboard Carina. In fact, it was her first time to even see our new home, other than in photos. I hoped the weather would be on our side – wind and rain and a boat rocking from side to side in the wind would not give a good first impression.

Mammy’s impending visit provided the impetus to properly sort out the forward cabin. I wanted her to have her own ‘room’, however small it might be, so I made up the berth, giving her a king-size duvet and lots of pillows and making sure the light worked so she could read before going to sleep.

I’m pleased to say all went well. Mammy’s first comment when I collected her from Exeter airport was that I have a brilliant tan and I’ve lost weight – all good advertisements for a life afloat! The girls were thrilled to see Granny and showered her with love and affection, and Lily asking ‘Granny, do you have more presents?’, as if the dress up dolls, stickers, Bob the Builder thingie-me-jigs, and goodness knows what else, weren’t enough!

It was calm on Friday, the perfect day to take a novice out sailing. We spent the afternoon out, sailing out of Tor Bay and east along the coast. Mammy even took the helm, and I’m waiting for her to forward me photos of herself looking like Ellen MacArthur, so I can post them.

It was a good visit, and you know, it’s always nice to have your Mammy around! She got a taste of our life aboard and, while it’s not the way she would like to live, I think she now can see that it suits us.

So that’s my mother – now we have to convince my mother-in-law to come on board!


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