Cutting the ties

We’re car-less. Car-free. De-motorised. The six-year car ownership interlude is over. One final long journey, and that was that. On Wednesday we drove up to Leamington Spa, deposited the girls with their grandma, and on Friday morning drove down to the Beaulieu River for Julian’s cousin’s wedding. We had a lovely time. The wedding took place in a beautiful country church and the reception was held in a yacht club on the river, near St. Leonards. The bride and groom arrived at the reception by boat, and we celebrated with good food and wine and music on the banks of the river. We camped at Holland’s Wood, near Brockenhurst, in the mud and rain and wind – splendid camping conditions!! Back to Leamington on Saturday, where we cleared out the car, Julian cleaned it from top to bottom, and we handed the keys into the safe-keeping of my mother-in-law who, by now I am sure, has passed them on to their new owner.

We walked out of the house yesterday morning, bags and children in tow (or on backs), and travelled back home to Torquay on public transport – a bus, a coach and three trains! I won’t say the journey was bliss, but it wasn’t bad either. But there’s a nice weight lifted off the shoulders with not owning a car any more. It’s cheaper. And I don’t feel quite as much of an ‘Enemy of the Earth’ (a private joke, that’s not even very funny).

It felt good to be back aboard Carina again. That was our first time away since we moved aboard, and I got that lovely that coming home feeling as I stepped on board. And now she’s no longer just our home, she’s also our only mode of transport! The pressure is on, Carina!


One thought on “Cutting the ties

  1. all the best to you car-free people 🙂 love the picture of your daughter in the rain – they’ll learn to deal with all sorts of weather in their new lifestyle 🙂

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