Departure date looms


Granny and Lily reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

With just over a week until my contract at Exeter ends, our departure date looms large. It’s hard to believe it’s coming around so soon. We still have lots to do. We’re awaiting the arrival of a stanchion to replace a broken one, and once that’s done we want to put safety netting all around the boat. I have drawn up a provisioning list to buy all the staples we’ll need for the trip, and now need to find the time to make a few trips to the supermarket to do the shopping. This past weekend Julian bought the charts and pilot books for Ireland, and while the girls and I were in London he had an opportunity to services the winches, install a gas alarm, and do various other fiddley but essential jobs above and below deck.

But I have too much going on at work at the moment, due to my impending departure date, that it’s hard to get my head around the fact that we’re setting out to sail to Ireland in about 10 days time. It may not seem like much, but for novices such as ourselves to be travelling across the sea in our home, it’s quite a big deal. So why am I not overwhelmed by excitement and panic and all the things I should be overwhelmed by? I don’t think Julian and I have even talked about our sailing plans in the past two weeks. How odd. So many other things to talk about, with regard to work and earning money and other stuff, that it seems we’ve forgotten all about the sailing! We’ll have to have a good chin-wag about it tomorrow….can’t do it tonight, as I’m about to go to the pub with my work colleagues!




3 thoughts on “Departure date looms

  1. Hello Martina; Fascinating ! I am really enjoying your adventures (blog). You write so well and interestingly. Glad to hear of the “safety net” !! I,m sure you will all have a wonderful time . I am envious and wish I were fifty years younger !!! My son is a sailor also, and sail designing is his profession. Bon voyage , happy landing ! All blessings, affectionately Joan J.G.

  2. All the best in your maiden voyage!!! It does seem funny that you and Juian haven’t been talking about sailing – I guess the like the rest of us don’t talk about driving… or walking, or honda-ing?!!! (it’s so much part of your life now?) I better send you some book titles soon so that you can shop for them before you leave!! How long will the journey take?

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