Setting off at last

It’s been a while in coming, but tomorrow we leave Torquay and begin our journey west. I got a little distracted for a while. I was due to finish work last Friday and there was all the planned farewell drinks and dinner organized by my lovely colleagues. Then, a little unexpectedly, I had to go to Ireland for three days, meaning I had to leave work three days early. My visit to the west of Ireland was lovely and I got to hang out with my sister on her birthday. Still, it put the business of sailing clear out of my head for a few days.


And oh what weather. The wettest June in the UK since records began in 1910. And July hasn’t started much better. From wet and windy to wetter and windier. I wear shorts only to try to convince myself that8 summer really is here.

But the forecast for tomorrow isn’t too bad and we’ve spent today and yesterday preparing to go. So tomorrow morning we set sail, for Dartmouth or Salcombe, depending on how we feel and how kind the weather is to us.


So goodbye lovely Torquay and Tor Bay where, despite the rain, we’ve had a lovely time!


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