We departed Plymouth on Saturday morning, sailing west for Fowey. We sailed hard into wind for much of the day, tacking south and north of the wind, logging 35 nautical miles in over eight hours. It was generally a tough sail and we limped into Fowey with a broken winch, three of us covered in the vomit of one of us, and one of us sporting a black eye sustained before we even left Plymouth! It was one of those days.

There were moments of joy and calm during the sail. Both girls slept and I sat on the foredeck enjoying a peaceful half hour gazing out to sea. But much of the trip was spent leaning hard to starboard with Julian on the helm and me taking care of the girls. As bad luck would have it, Katie woke from her nap just as a squall hit and so I kept her down in the cabin looking up at Julian on the helm looking like Captain Ahab, grim determination on his face and rain pouring in rivulets down his beard. Keeping Katie below deck had the nasty effect of bringing on a bout of mal de mer and half an hour later when Julian brought her up to the cockpit she projectile puked on herself, her dad and me and only Lily’s lightening reflexes saved her from a similar fate.

We sailed into Fowey on Saturday evening and picked up a swinging mooring on the Polruan side. We took things easy yesterday. I spent the morning doing laundry in the cockpit and in the afternoon we got the dingy out and motored over to Fowey. What a delightful little town, with narrow streets, ancient houses and a sound dislike for supermarket chains! We bought bread at the local bakery and, after a nice stroll through town and a drink, we had yummy fish and chips at The Other Place, a restaurant and take away that promotes locally sourced and less well loved species of fish. Alas, upon returning to the dingy the choke came away in Julian’s hand and he had to row us back to Carina. What a lovely evening for a gentle row across the river, especially when I wasn’t the one doing it.

We’re taking in water somewhere and Julian’s attempting to locate the source. For short passages, such as we’ve been doing up to now, it’s not a problem, but we obviously need to sort it out before crossing to Ireland. So this morning Julian had the floors up, looking in the bilges, tracing paths of water. It was a rainy and windy morning, so I kept the girls busy with my friend Angela’s play dough and a great activity book that I found in my bag of rainy day tricks.

Before lunch I looked longingly over at the little beach about 150 metres from the boat and decided to dress the girls for a little adventure. After lunch Julian rowed us over and then came back to the boat to carry on with his detective work. We played on the beach for ages, all three of us taking turns swinging from a rope tied to a tree. 39 years old and I think it’s the first time I’ve ever done that!! It was fun!

We followed the steep path up from the beach through a coppiced hazel wood and along a muddy path to the village of Polruan. It was a lovely walk. Too much for Katie, who traveled on my back in her carrier, but Lily loved it, and picked lots of old and mouse-eaten hazelnuts to bring home to Daddy. Lucky Daddy.

At Polruan we had a drink and then took the ferry across to Fowey for a stroll and icecream and then got the water taxi back home. Julian’s narrowed the source of the leak somewhat, but has more tests to do. The forecast is poor for the next 24-48 hours, so it looks like we’re staying put here for a little while. No complaints from me.


2 thoughts on “Fowey

  1. Your journey to Fowey sounds like an adventure, all right! Hope that’s the last of sea-sickness for a while – and that Julian finds the leak – sounds like you had a good day today exploring new territory – 39 is definitely not too old to swing on a rope for the first time – what the heck, I’m still trying new things at 62 šŸ™‚

  2. Some of it sounds like fun and Fowey sounds and looks gorgeous!(I looked at pictures on the internet Martina and I want to go there!!). Hope all going well now and that the leak’s located and fixed. Rotten weather in Ireland too so hope it gets better for your visit. Love to all, especially my little ones! XXXX

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