Photos of Fowey

Polruan from Fowey

We spent a delightful few days in Fowey. On Sunday we took the dinghy over to town and were rewarded with wonderful views of the river and the village of Polruan on the other side.

The rare sight of blue skies

After so much rain, the blue skies were welcome and we regretted not bringing our swimwear for a trip to the beach.

Views from the dinghy

A dinghy trip got us close up to places we couldn’t reach on Carina. I especially liked this lovely cottage cum boat house.

Close to the water

Being in the dinghy makes you feel very small and close to the water…especially when there’s a big ship bearing down on you!


Meanwhile, Carina enjoyed some quiet time at rest. She needs her space sometimes too!


3 thoughts on “Photos of Fowey

  1. Beautiful! You almost don’t need me as your ship’s photographer – you’re doing just fine for yourselves…

    Looks like a really good time!

  2. Just catching up on your latest posts and really pleased you’ve now set sail. Hope you all find your sea legs soon and enjoy your freedom. Have already been rolling my eyes at some of the ridiculous elements of the school system and Rory’s only been attending a couple of mornings a week! It’s only going to get worse…

    • Hi Ann. Been slow at replying to people on an individual basis. Having a lovely time cruising around Ireland. However, off to hospital tomorrow morning. Lily got a bad cut in her chin and needs to have it stitched under general anaesthetic. Yet another accident on dry land (if you could call Ireland ‘dry’ this summer). Hope you’re all keeping well. xx

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