Crookhaven and Mizen Head

The beautiful inlet at Crookhaven

I raved about Crookhaven in my last blog, but lacking the poetic skills to describe the place, here are some photos of that delightful village and the coastline farther west.

The wonderful Church of St. Brendan The Navigator, Crookhaven

Not surprisingly, there are many reminders of St. Brendan in this part of the world, with churches, such as this one in Crookhaven, named in his honour. There are statues commemorating him, mountains named after him, reminding the present day fishermen and seafarers of Cork and Kerry of their salty saint.

Departing Crookhaven, early morning

We bid farewell to Crookhaven on a still, calm morning, the sun glistening on the water, as we sailed west for Bantry Bay and Kenmare Bay.

The entrance to Crookhaven

The cliffs along the south side of the entrance to Crookhaven are beautiful, briefly revealing sea arches and caves as one sails past.

Far away Fastnet

Six years ago Julian and I rounded Fastnet on a day sail out of Baltimore. But today wasn’t a day for repeating that trip. Still, we had plenty of views of her, from the sea, from the church in Crookhaven, and elsewhere. Like all lighthouses, an amazing feat of engineering and endurance, and a reminder of the sacrifices made by others for the safety of those of us who take to the sea.

Mizen Head

Mizen Head, the most southerly point on the mainland of Ireland. Alas, the seas were too rough to allow me to take photos of the majestic cliffs on the south west side of the headland – sheer, grey, immense. We watched as people crossed the bridge out to the lighthouse…and I’m sure they watched us too.


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