In heaven in Schull

I think I’m in heaven. We arrived in Schull yesterday afternoon for a rendezvous with my sister. We’re temporarily on dry land, as Antoinette has rented a lovely little apartment by the sea. This morning I set out to explore the town and find some place with Wifi. Antoinette, the girls and I wandered past two great playgrounds – one for children and one for adults – and then up Main Street. We were already raving about what a wonderful town Schull is, when we came across Whyte Books, which is possibly one of the loveliest bookshops I have ever been in. The two lovely women working here are friendly and informative, the shop is a haven of peace and calm. We left Antoinette towards the front of the shop browsing new titles and classics (she bought one of each), and Lily, Katie and I sauntered to the back of the shop, past the counter where one can enjoy a quiet coffee while browsing the internet, to the children’s section. What a delight!! A beautiful children’s area, with soft cushions and toys – a space that draws children in and makes them want to explore the vast range of colourful books on display. My girls sat enraptured as I read the latest Julia Donaldson book, and then we thought about potential presents for Katie’s upcoming birthday.

Julian arrived with my laptop, took the girls to the beach, and Antoinette and I sat to enjoy some delicious coffee, while browsing the internet and reading. In an era when independent bookshops are struggling under the weight of competition from online book sellers, places like Whyte Books need to be celebrated and given our custom. The website is If you’re in Schull, check it out!


3 thoughts on “In heaven in Schull

  1. Is’nt Schull wonderful !!! Hope you’re having some dry weather for your stay there.Enjoy the peace and tranquility and Antoinette’s company. Where to next ? Love and hugs from me xxx

  2. A friend, Sheila, from Australia just posted your blog site to her facebook page. You are talking about her little bookshop here and it sounds so magical. I always wondered what it was like, and now you have brought it alive. Thank you for such a lovely blog – it’s very refreshing to read, and very inspiring too! (My husband is a ocean boat lover, and I’m sure he’ll want to go sailing around the world if he read this!) We love reading these kinds of blogs because we ourselves – middle agers – went around the world for a year with only backpacks on our shoulders in 2006/2007 and absolutely loved it! Well, take care, and good luck on your adventures, and thanks again for your post! Jenny from Perth, Western Australia.

  3. I’m a Schull blow-in and feel the same love for the place that you have shown here. Whyte Books a great little bookshop and Sheila is doing a great job. It’s lovey to see a post about the place – and such an honest, well written and positive post too. I’ll certainly be checking back to your blog. It’s a really great read.

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