Horseshoe Bay, Sherkin Island

About a week ago, in Baltimore, I concluded my last post hoping that we could find a nice beach to play on. And what a place we found. We motored the couple of miles across to the south side of Sherkin Island and anchored in the picturesque Horseshoe Bay. What a delight. Barely bigger than my mother’s garden in Ballygibbon, the bay was sheltered and quiet, and we had it all to ourselves. It was a glorious day and, after a quick lunch, Julian rowed the girls and I across to the little beach on the eastern shore of the bay. It was a fabulous beach, made up of large flat smooth stones that have fallen from steep cliffs over the centuries and been rubbed smooth by the sea. The beach was a sun trap and a perfect playground for Lily and Katie. While they amused themselves paddling in the water, exploring the beach and the rock pools, and having a tea party with the rocks, I read my book and relaxed in the sun. (I should mention that my long suffering husband was back on the boat fixing the broken toilet).

The little stony beach in Horseshoe Bay

Late in the afternoon Julian rowed over to the beach, and while he played with the girls and went for a swim, I rowed back to the boat to make dinner, bringing a picnic dinner back to the beach half an hour later. We had so much fun in the sun that afternoon and evening. The water was calm and clear and perfect for swimming. Don’t tell our parents, but I swam immediately after dinner, and when I eventually rowed the girls back to the boat, Julian decided to swim (maybe he doesn’t trust my rowing?).

Horseshoe Bay

Days like these have been few and far between this summer, but thankfully they’ve been more frequent these past few weeks.


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