Has autumn arrived?

There was a new chill in the air this morning, that feeling of the start of a new season. I put on a pair of jeans, something I haven’t worn in months. When I woke up I wanted to stay under the covers, but then, when I got out of bed there was that unmistakable change in the air, the feeling of a new season.

We hadn’t planned to still be in Ireland, but we are. We departed Sherkin Island a week ago and sailed to Union Hall, where we anchored with a plan to set sail for the Isles of Scilly as soon as we had favourable weather. We had a pleasant couple of days, spending time with my aunt and uncle in Roscarbery, and taking advantage of the ongoing good weather to go to the beach. On Thursday I heard of the death of the father of one of my oldest and dearest friends, and so on Friday I took a bus from west Cork to Waterford for the funeral. I arrived back in Roscarbery late on Friday night, stayed with my aunt and uncle, and didn’t get back to the boat until the middle of Saturday morning. On Sunday we sailed east to Kinsale with the intention of sailing for the Isles of Scilly on Monday morning.

Departing Kinsale on Monday morning, we set a course for the UK. The wind was stronger than forecast and there were big seas. For two hours we battled uncomfortably and then decided to give up. Who knew how long before the wind would change to a more favourable direction, so we altered course for Crosshaven in Cork. So here we are, relaxing, planning what to do next. We’re thinking about sailing up into Cork city tomorrow, which would be a novel experience! And perhaps we’ll try to reach the UK again in a few days time.


One thought on “Has autumn arrived?

  1. Ireland obviously does not want to let you go !!! Have a safe crossing whenever you depart . Love to all ….. Liz xxx PS Autumn has arrived in Dublin 4 as well and i am not sure its welcome !!! Really cannot bear the thoughts of winter fast approaching, especially after such a miserable Summer. x

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