Mobius Horatio (Moby) Mouse ?-2012

The death occurred, earlier this week, of Moby Mouse. He died as he lived – eating other people’s food, bacon rind to be exact. Moby came from humble origins in a launderette near Cork City and never dreamed of the seafaring life he would ultimately lead. He bid farewell to his mother and 53 siblings one warm September afternoon, his knapsack on his back, and set sail for a life of adventure and gluttony. For a small mouse he travelled a long way, eating his way through fruit, vegetables, flour, soup mix, and a cushion, to name just a few. Midway through his sailing career he took a middle name, Horatio, in honour of his sea-faring hero, Admiral Nelson. He dreamed of sailing to the site of the Battle of Trafalgar, and that dream will now be carried in the hearts of the crew of Carina of Devon. He is mourned by his mother and 53 siblings, but not by the crew of Carina or the owner of the Crosshaven launderette.


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