A week out of water

Carina on the hard

Carina on the hard

Two weeks ago the girls and I went to Ireland and Carina was lifted out of the water. With a trip to France planned in the short-term and an even bigger adventure awaiting us next year, Julian had a lot of work to do, to get Carina ship-shape. He spent the first part of the week on his own, ticking off the big and little jobs that needed to be completed. A couple of days before, he took the three sails off and sent them to the sail-maker for repairs. The main, in particular, had picked up some tears last year that could have turned into trouble if not mended. Our thirteen year old standing rigging was removed, to be replaced with shiny new rigging.

The rudder

The rudder

The rudder was dropped that day and inspected for damage and the bearings replaced. Julian then filled the holes and gave her a shiny new coat of anti-foul. Later in the week, Julian’s friend John came to visit, and he set to work on the propeller, the woodwork on deck, and various other tasks. He photographed Carina’s transformation (thanks for the photos, John) and kept Julian sane through the heat and hard work with his good company and a few beers at the end of the day.

John and our very shiny propeller

John and our very shiny propeller

Woodwork was sanded down and teak oiled or varnished, the hull was power-sprayed and then Julian gave it a couple of coats of anti-foul. Inside, he cleaned out the bilges, serviced the engine, serviced the sea cocks, and accomplished multiple other jobs in the soaring heat that it makes me tired just to think about.

Man and machine

Man and machine

Our new heating system was installed, though as yet remains untested in this longest heatwave since 1976!

There are still jobs to do. The bilge pump is acting up and needs to be repaired before we undertake any major sea crossings. But when Carina went back in the water she was in far better condition than when she came out. Since her return to the water we’ve had some issues with gas (no jokes please!) and the gas alarm alerts us to build-ups in the bilges which need to be manually pumped out. Julian’s also installed new smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the saloon.

Carina's beautiful shiny engine...a thing to behold!

Carina’s beautiful shiny engine…a thing to behold!

And so, with a few days until our departure on a summer cruise to northern and north western France, Carina is looking good. The sails have been returned to us, and her new rigging looks good. With a few more jobs to undertake, we’ll soon be ready to set sail. Meanwhile, I’ve spent much of this week getting our living quarters ship shape, and with the use of my mother-in-law’s car on Wednesday, I plan a big shopping trip, to stock up on a couple of months worth of non-perishables. Roll on my last day of work! 


4 thoughts on “A week out of water

  1. A Thing to behold !!! Sun getting to you Martina ? A Sight to behold , perhaps . ? I agree , the engine looks amazing and shiny and competent. Good work Julian and John . Happy sailing xxx

  2. Good job, Julian!! and Martina too!! Remembering the photos you took for the tour of your boat, you have to be soooo organized (understatement!!) Smooth sailing on your trip to France – when do you expect to leave and how long will the crossing take?

  3. Bigger adventure next year? You guys coming to Sweden!?!!

    Well, it looks like Julian’s earned his keep… you have a good man, Martina! Deserving of you, I’d say… Have a wonderful trip to France!

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