Almost ready

July sunset

July sunset

The gods are conspiring against me. Until last week, I was working long hours and had no time to write my blog. As soon as work ends, I’ll blog non-stop, I promised myself. But then my laptop died. Gave up and decided it couldn’t take any more. So now I have time on my hands, but limited internet access. Ah me. Right now, for this reason and that, we are in no position to get the laptop repaired. Or to see if it even can be repaired. And until we’re sure it’s beyond repair, we’re not buying another one. So we shall be summer Luddites. It could be worse. 

Katie cooling off in our cockpit paddling pool

Katie cooling off in our cockpit paddling pool

Are we ready to set sail yet? Nearly. Masts and new rigging in place, sails repaired and rigged. Bilge pump fixed. Mini engine service complete. Provisioning done. Yesterday we took Carina out beyond Plymouth Sound in a force 6, to put the new rigging through its paces. It was exhilarating, even though I wouldn’t fancy leaning hard like that all day long. A couple of hours of it was lots of fun. This morning Justin from Hemisphere came and re-tensioned the rigging.

John – he who worked polished and sanded and varnished like a demon while we were in Ireland – is joining us tomorrow, as ship’s cat. We will sail east or west, depending on the wind. And to France, if the weather chooses.

Meanwhile, we make final preparations, relax with the girls, and spend time at the library!


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