DSCI0274 Our friend John joined us on Wednesday morning, and on Thursday we set sail for Fowey. With calm seas we had time to get in a spot of fishing on the seven hour sail, and caught eight mackerel for supper. Lily, Katie and I spent the next morning playing on the beach, and at 5pm we set sail for France. It was a memorable trip, which began with a huge thunder storm, and the winds kept us on our toes for the entire 22 hours of hard leaning to port. The girls were great, sleeping through the night and enjoying the storm.DSCI0314

We arrived in Roscoff tired but very happy with our accomplishment. We spent two nights in Roscoff, enjoying good food and wine, and catching up on lost sleep. We departed Roscoff yesterday for L’Aber Wrac’h farther to the west. It was a slow trip, battling wind and tide, and we didn’t reach our destination until after dark.DSCI0332

We’ve had a lovely day today, wandering along country lanes, swimming in the sea, and searching  for cockles at low tide. If my writing seems stilted then this French key board I am using is to blame. The is so much I wanted to write, but it has taken me half an hour to get this far, with half the letters in the wrong place for me. I’ll leave you with some photos….

DSCI0342Cockle pickers near Landera this afternoon.DSCI0344






Julian amidst the cockle pickers.DSCI0347






Julian and the girls searching for cockles.DSCI0351




Katie, Lily and Uncle Cockney having some thinking time on the beach.


One thought on “Brittany

  1. So lovely to see you all having a great time! I can see that, despite all my worrying, this life is suiting all of you very well – Katie looks so happy in that picture! Continue to be safe and enjoy Brittany – can’t wait to hear all the news from the girls when I come over on 13th September for Katie’s 3rd birthday! Love to all and I’m looking forward to next blog. XXXXX

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