Making hay…

Here in Britain it’s ‘half-term’ – a phrase that still sounds odd coming out of my mouth. I want to call it ‘mid-term break’, but people look at me funny. But whatever you want to call it, it’s here. Grandma drove down from the midlands yesterday, and this morning she took the girls back home with her ‘for a holiday’. Boy, were they excited. They packed their own bags yesterday and spent the afternoon wandering around the house, up and down the stairs, carrying their bags, pretending they were already on their way to Grandmas.

At times like this I find myself torn between the joy of having a few days to myself and the loneliness I feel for their cuddles. But I know they’ll enjoy hanging out with Grandma; she’ll spoil them rotten; and they’ll return full of stories and new skills (and will look at least two inches taller…they always do).

Meanwhile, Julian and I are making hay while the sun shines (or rather, while the rain continues to pour). Julian left early this morning for four days aboard Carina. We spoke on the phone at lunchtime, and it seems the pontoon is a little the worse for wear after the recent storms. Many of the neighbouring boats have been moved elsewhere and some of the finger pontoons are dangling in the water or gone completely. Although he had thoroughly secured Carina the last time he visited, she’s had some of her lines moved and resecured, in light of the dodgey finger pontoons. She’s going nowhere!

Stancheons, batteries, electrical wiring problems, a broken gear lever – these are Julian’s concerns this week. I’m sure he’ll be kept busy.

Meanwhile, I am in Exeter, with a to-do list as long as my arm – academic writing, creative non-fiction, fiction – if I get even half of it done I’ll be very pleased with myself. I have yet to spend the £50 book voucher I was given for Christmas, and am hoping to squeeze in a luxurious couple of hours of browsing Waterstones, perhaps followed by a coffee, perhaps followed by a trip to the cinema. I’m on my own for three more days – but there’s a lot I can pack in. Here goes….


2 thoughts on “Making hay…

  1. Hello. I’ve just come across your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. We live on a 42″ catamaran, currently in Brest sitting out the storms. We have 3 young boys aboard and I have to agree with you that Lego is definitely one of the best boat toys ever. All the best for your preparations.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog. We spent five days in Brest last summer, dealing with battery and exhaust problems. Thankfully, we had wonderful weather so, while Julian spent his days with his head stuck in the engine or under the quarter berth, the girls and I played on the beach (that amazing climbing spider web thingie!) and at the botanic gardens, and one day I shelled out the money to go to Oceanopolis – it was well worth it.

      I’m always inspired to hear from or meet other people who sail and live aboard with children – it reinforces my conviction that it can be done!
      Happy sailing,

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