Great Friday

The interior of Carina has been cleaned from top to bottom, clothes and food have been put away, there’s banana bread baking in the oven, and I’m waiting for a phone call from two of my oldest friends to tell me they’re on the train to Plymouth. It’s not a good Friday, it’s a great Friday!

8am this morning...the view from the cockpit.

8am this morning…the view from the cockpit.

Lily and Katie have gone to visit their Grandma for a few days, so Julian and I could pack up the house and get Carina ready for us to move aboard. We borrowed my mother-in-law’s car, loaded about half the stuff we want to bring aboard, and drove down to Plymouth on Wednesday morning. Julian drove back up to his mum’s yesterday, leaving me with a boat to clean and bags and boxes to unpack.

So here I am, 24 hours later, and I haven’t done too badly! After a winter uninhabited, mould was my biggest enemy on Carina. However, compared to the challenge I faced when we first move aboard back in 2012, this was easy. We put moisture traps in all the cabins over winter, and Julian replaced them regularly. They’ve really done the trick, and removing mould from the head-lining didn’t take too long. It simply involved contorting my body into nooks and crannies, reaching farther than I thought I could possibly reach, and trying to avoid banging my head every five minutes. Thank you to my wonderful yoga teacher at Exeter University this year, for bringing me back to my old bendiness again!!

In Larkin’s pub, at home in Edenderry over New Year, I suggested to my friends Iseult and Angela that they come stay on the boat sometime in April. I’ve known these two chicas since we were all four, when we all started school in September 1977. About a decade ago we started having annual weekends away, but it hasn’t happened for a few years. So I’m very excited to get three whole days with them, to introduce them to my new home, and show them some of the wonderful sights around Plymouth. Having visitors always provides the impetus to get my home clean and tidy, so Carina’s looking especially shiny this morning!

So now I’m just waiting for a phone call to say their plane from Ireland has arrived and they’re on the train to Plymouth. Then I’ll go meet them for a weekend of good food, good wine and, most importantly, good conversation.



6 thoughts on “Great Friday

  1. Hope you had a good weekend. We arrived back in England on Friday and are currently in Plymouth. Would you all like to come over to the visitors pontoon for coffee/Lego playing sometime?
    Sarah (s/v Tarquilla)

    • Hi Sarah, That would be lovely. How long will you be in Plymouth? We’re still in transition from house to boat and will be back on board Carina for good on May 5th. If you’re still around then….

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