Moving…bit by little bit

Little by little we are moving back aboard Carina. You might consider it overly drawn out – akin to a Spaghetti Western;

SWDB_Wallpaper12_Wideor you might consider that we are doing it at our leisure, not making ourselves overly distressed by the whole process. More Easy Rider, if you will.

indexpfI guess just a bit Peter Fonda either way.

My friends coming to visit at Easter gave us the motivation to get the living quarters ship shape, and I moved a few household items on board. Julian’s dad came to visit and we loaded some more things into his car to take back to his house – for storage and for a car boot sale. On Saturday, Julian and the girls took the train up to Leamington Spa, to stay with his mum for a few days, leaving me to get the rest of the house packed up.

How would I describe the house right now? Mmm…it looks like the cupboards spontaneously vomited all their contents onto every surface of the house (except the ceiling). But that’s fine. I have until lunchtime tomorrow to sort it out. That’s when Julian’s arriving with a small removal van to take the furniture, white goods, and a pile of rubbish (or…previously loved) clothes, books, other things that we intend to car boot this coming weekend, weather permitting. The rest of our stuff will stay in the house until Julian returns later in the week to transport it down to the boat.

Those of you who know me will recognise in my tone the setting in of insanity and hysteria, in the face of the mountain of packing I have to do in the next 16 hours. Perhaps, you might suggest, I shouldn’t have wasted three hours on Sunday evening going to the movies to watch Calvary (it was worth every minute); or that I shouldn’t have gone out to the pub after work yesterday to celebrate my birthday (well I did!), or that I shouldn’t be procrastinating here right now (but I am).

By tomorrow evening we will be (mostly) moved out of the house, I will be reunited with my girls at their Grandad’s house, and on Monday (hopefully following a lucrative car boot sale on Sunday) we will return from the midlands and will finally finally be once more home, on Carina.

Now, is it wise to have a glass of wine before I proceed with the packing…


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