Food wars

So, our mealtime conversations go something like this:

Martina/Julian: ‘Eat your breakfast girls’
Katie: ‘It’s too hot’
Martina/Julian: ‘But it’s got cold milk’
Five minutes go by…
Katie: ‘It’s too stodgy’
Martina/Julian: ‘That’s because you left it too long and the milk soaked in’
Katie: ‘I don’t like it’
Martina to Julian: ‘Do you want Katie’s left-over breakfast, or can I have it?’
Julian to Martina: ‘You have it’

Martina/Julian: ‘Eat your lunch girls’
Lily/Katie: ‘I don’t like it’
Martina/Julian: ‘But it’s bread/cheese/ham/chorizo/cucumber. You like all of those’
Lily: ‘I don’t like butter’
Martina/Julian: ‘You liked butter yesterday’
Lily: ‘I don’t like it now’
Katie: ‘I don’t like butter either’
Martina/Julian: ‘Please eat some lunch girls’
Katie: ‘I don’t like this cheese’
Lily: ‘I want English cheese’
Martina/Julian: ‘This is Edam. We bought it especially because you devoured a whole block yesterday’
Lily/Katie: ‘I don’t like it anymore’
Katie: ‘This bread’s too dry’
Martina/Julian: ‘That’s because you refuse to have any butter on it. The butter will make it nice’
Katie: ‘I don’t like butter’
Lily: ‘I don’t like butter either’
Katie: ‘I don’t like these olives’
Martina/Julian: ‘But you love olives. These are the ones you especially like, with the anchovies’
Lily: ‘I don’t like anchovies’
Katie: ‘I don’t like anchovies either’
Martina/Julian: ‘Have some chorizo’
Lily/Katie: ‘Chorizo is yucky’
Martina/Julian: ‘This one isn’t. I bought the wrong one the other day and yes, it was a bit yucky. But this is the nice one that you like’
Lily: ‘I don’t like it. I want English chorizo’
Katie: ‘Me too’
Martina: ‘Julian, do you want to share their left-overs?’
Julian: ‘Sure’

Martina/Julian: ‘Eat your dinner girls’
Lily: ‘I don’t like it’
Katie: ‘Me either’
Martina/Julian: ‘But its spaghetti bolognaise/cheesy pasta/stir fry with noodles/rice. You love it’
Lily: ‘It’s yucky’
Katie: ‘Yuck’
Martina/Julian: ‘Please eat some dinner’
Martina/Julian: ‘Come on girls, just try one mouthful. That’s all I ask. One taste to see if you like it’
Lily: ‘It’s yucky. I don’t like it’
Martina/Julian: ‘But you haven’t even tasted it yet. Pick up your fork and try one tiny piece. That’s all’
Martina/Julian: ‘Well if you don’t eat it, I will’
Lily: ‘It’s yucky’
Katie: ‘Yucky’
Martina/Julian: ‘But you haven’t tried it yet. One forkful, that’s all I ask’
Katie: ‘I want a drink’
Martina/Julian: ‘One forkful of food, and I’ll get you a drink’
Katie: ‘Drink first, then I’ll eat it’
Martina/Julian: ‘Grrrrrrrrrr’
Lily: ‘This is yummy. Can I have some more’
Martina/Julian: ‘Told you it was yummy. Of course it’s yummy. When is spaghetti bolognaise not yummy’
Katie: ‘Mummy feed me’
Martina/Julian: ‘No. You’re almost four years old. You can feed yourself’
Lily: ‘Katie, do you want to play with the dollies?’
Martina/Julian: ‘Well done Lily for eating up all your dinner, but please don’t distract Katie while she’s eating hers’
Katie: ‘Mummy feed me’
Martina: ‘One spoonful and then you’re on your own’
Katie: ‘I don’t like mushrooms/peppers/chicken/beef’
Martina to Julian: ‘Only another eighteen years until they leave for university’
Julian to Martina: ‘Can I finish Katie’s?’


3 thoughts on “Food wars

  1. Don’t you believe it!Just cooking double meals in preparation for one of our daughters and her family. She is vegetarian and her daughter doesn’t eat anything as far as I can tell…….Hannah is now 37! The joys of parenthood. Only another 5 of them to visit. I love it 🙂 xxxDee

    • Though we pretend otherwise, there is a long list of food that Julian and I refused to eat when we were young! And I was a vegetarian for fourteen years. But the kids don’t need to know that!!

  2. Ha,ha! the joys of parenthood 🙂 isn’t it funny (but not a surprise!) how kids copy/influence each other! …… don’t worry, you’ll work it out, things will get better!!!! One of these days they’ll be eating without complaint, wolfing it down – that’s my prediction 🙂

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