Julian’s Golden Chicken Rules

by Julian

As some of you might have gathered, when we are not sailing about I, as the lesser employed person, become responsible for food nutrition and economy. So I thought I would give you a taste of this by introducing you to my Golden Chicken Rules.

  1. A whole chicken weighing around 1.9 – 2.0 kg (4 1/4 lb – 4 1/2 lb) is at least two meals for our family of four
  2. If the chicken is greater than 2.25 kg (5 lb) it must stretch to three meals
  3. If no net force acts upon the chicken then it will remain at rest or continue to move with constant velocity (a physics joke! Sorry)

???????????????????????????????– me getting to grips with a chicken

Our oven is too small for a bird of this size along with all the trimmings one would wish to add but buying the whole chicken rather than pieces still appears to be better value, more so here in Spain where the legs and wings on their own seem to command a good price.

chickenpieces– Three minutes later – minus the plastic tray, the shrink wrap and the supermarket label!

The meals I prepare vary enormously from roasts, curries, grilled or fried chicken with or without a sauce, hot pots/casseroles, paella, creamy chicken pasta, soup etc. but one thing that often runs through several meals is the stock made from the carcass, from which I then pick every last bit of meat.

pressure– For speed and economy the pressure cooker is perfect for stocks

The pressure cooker is an important part of our cooking and something we have developed from Martina’s first trials (Part I and Part II) just before moving back on board. Now I understand some people might be saying eat less meat, but we often have no meat in our dinners. Martina was eating her chilli last night, loving the strange flavour she could not identify, when she suddenly realised it was meat! Real beef, after the last three chillies I had made for her had been very much vegetarian. The pressure cooker also comes in handy for the beans and pulses that we use to vary and economise our diet.

beansJust soaking a few of the beans because I am going to surprise Martina with a chilli ‘CON CARNE’

So I am waiting here for Martina to return from work. The kids are asleep in bed. Martina’s roast chicken dinner is wrapped in tin foil awaiting her return. I am considering tomorrow’s dinner of chicken curry and the next night’s dinner of paella (contains some chicken and stock but not enough to qualify for a third chicken meal per my second rule, which is fine because the chicken was less than 2 kg).

spices– Preparations for tomorrow’s curry

I very much enjoyed my own meal thrown together out of the worst bits, having given the kids and Martina the choice cuts, but I did have extra-extra roast potatoes because I have promised to limit Martina’s evening portion size!

???????????????????????????????– my dinner tonight


2 thoughts on “Julian’s Golden Chicken Rules

  1. All your house husband skills are coming in handy on the boat ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your golden rules – you could teach a class in budgeting up here – next time you come give us advance notice and I’ll arrange it!

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