Fixing up Carina

by Julian

Whilst Martina and the girls were appearing on TV in Ireland, Carina came out of the water for a clean and antifoul.


Carina with a weedy hull, ready for cleaning

I’ve been catching up on all of the necessary maintenance jobs that I have been unable to do while looking after the children on a boat all winter. I still have some way to go but things are going well. Martina often asks me to list what I have yet to do. I have come to dislike making lists. I just like to say “lots of stuff” because I always forget to mention things. I think it must seem as though I am procrastinating over one or two small tasks. Also the thought of putting the whole ‘to-do’ list down in all its enormity scares me. I like to consider one or two priority items at a time. This way I don’t have a nervous breakdown at the shear scale of what I face, including the sailing plans for the year. It is much easier for me to list here some of the things I have already done in the last three weeks and to mention one or two jobs that I will have to do soon. Deep breath – Here it goes.

What I have done in the last few weeks
1. Replaced the 30 m of old rusty chain (plus extra rope) with 50 m of new.
2. Varnished the top of the cockpit table. Three coats.
3. Removed the saloon ceiling to investigate and repair leaks (this repair took two goes because the first one failed).


Saloon ceiling removed to fix leaks

4. Bought new lights, replaced broken galley strip light with a new 30 LED energy efficient light. I have also recently replaced the main saloon light bulb and our berth (bedroom) bulb with LEDs and replaced the broken heads (bathroom) light and quarter berth lights with new light fittings.
5. Took the toilet pump to pieces for a major service, replacing one of the fittings. I hate this job, not because of the dirt but because it is so awkward. What should be relatively simple generally takes the best part of two days and an awful lot of sweat and frustration. That is why I didn’t do it properly last year, and the toilet was becoming increasingly difficult to operate.
6. Checked engine functioning, filters etc. then drove Carina round to be lifted out of the water, where she was pressure washed down and the prop treated to clean it up. Carina was then placed on props for a week so I could do the next jobs on the hull.


Carina washed down

7. Scraped and sanded back loose antifoul, removing any remaining weed and barnacles on the hull.
8. Replaced the hull anode, buying new fittings (from three different shops!!) and checked the electrical connection to the prop.
9. Stripped back wet rudder base, dried and filled with epoxy filler.
10. Painted primer on any bare patches.
11. Painted two new coats of antifoul on the hull. Each took around 4 hours work for me (maybe I’m a bit slow).
12. Put epoxy filler on some small damages to the hull above the water line (most of these were in old repairs, from before we owned the boat, but they make it look like we keep hitting pontoons).
13. Serviced five of our ten seacocks (these are taps from the inside to the outside of the boat): took them apart, ground down to good brass, with grinding paste when necessary, cleaned them, lightly greased them and reassembled. Checked the other five.
14. Emptied the deep cockpit locker to check water heater/pump, recently unblocked cockpit drain pipe, engine compartment, gas locker and gas pipes for leaks.
15. Resealed around the base of the gas locker.


Gas locker with new sealant

16. Serviced one of the larger winches (It was very stiff)


Dirty winch


Clean winch

17. Made up a line and hook to stop snubbing of the anchor chain.
18. Put up the mizzen boom and recently repaired mizzen sail, the mainsail with bag and lazyjacks, sprayhood etc. and got the running rigging sorted ready to sail.

What I have yet to do
1. Service another four winches
2. Service the dinghy (I am half way through this already)
3. Fit new taste filter to kitchen cold tap
4. Work out what the hell we are going to do next

So there you have it. From my early experience of owning Carina, genuine ‘to-do’ lists stretched to around 100 items. I would tick things off and I actually did all of the things the surveyor deamed necessary, or important, in less than a year. However, the to-do list still stubbornly remained at around 100 items as new things were added as quickly as jobs were done. I dread to think what it would be at now but I have decided to stop making lists. I can usually do a few of the things in the time it would take to make the list anyway. I probably could have ticked one or two things off in the time it has taken to write this blog!


2 thoughts on “Fixing up Carina

  1. I am reading your blog as a break from going through my job list 🙂 It also started at about 100 items as well thanks to a diligent surveyor but now probably sits at about 50 but the fridge stopped working yesterday so I can see a whole lot of list adding right there…

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