After three weeks alone aboard Carina, Julian motored a few miles downriver. Other live aboards in Alcoutim and Sanlucar suggested leaving Carina on a mooring buoy near a small hamlet of . So down the river Julian and Carina went, hoping to find the man who owns the mooring buoys and hoping to that he would be open to Carina remaining on a mooring buoy for an indefinite period of time.

Not only did the owner of the moorings agree to take Carina for as long as is necessary, he also helped Julian with the lines and made sure everything was ship shape before Julian’s departure. Julian’s journey back to the UK began with rowing the dinghy ashore for a very early morning bus journey to Vila Real. The owner of the moorings kindly offered to return the dinghy to Carina, bring it on board, deflate it, and stow it safely until our return.

The amount he’s charging us for all of this wonderful service is laughably low – and has taken a huge financial weight off our shoulders. We had worried about the possibility of finding ourselves out of pocket having to pay summer marina fees, but the price of mooring on the river for an entire month is the equivalent to about five nights in a marina!!

And we are all (apart from Carina sweltering in the southern European sun) reunited in the English Midlands. It looks like we’ll be here until some time around mid-August. While I await a referral to a specialist, my GP thinks I might need an operation – but it’s nothing life threatening, so chances are I will be on a six month waiting list. So, at the end of summer we plan to return to the Ria Guadiana and home to Carina.

My blogs might be a little less regular over the next couple of months as I focus on completing some writing projects, and as I look forward to returning home to the river in time for autumn.


3 thoughts on “Reunited

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and so pleased your health problems are not life threatening. Good luck with the op and good health for the future. Hope you are back on board Carina soon.

    • Hi Sandra, thanks for the good wishes. I’m living on Carina in my head at the moment. I’ve been working on a memoir for the past nine months or so, and the manuscript is nearly complete. But it means my head is on the boat and my body is in the English Midlands!

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