Autumn in the air

There is, without doubt, an autumnal feeling in the air. I took a walk yesterday afternoon and got soaked to the skin and chilled to the bone in a sudden and heavy rain shower. My hands were like blocks of ice by the time I returned home and I contemplated hot chocolate. But I convinced myself that it’s still summer and I passed on the hot chocolate. This afternoon the girls and I went to town to meet another family of home schoolers. Again, there was a chill in the air and that palpable change that comes with the turn of the seasons. Katie and I were cold. Lily, I think, is made of sturdier stuff than us.

When we flew back to the UK, in late May, summer was upon us and the contents of our luggage reflected the season. I brought clothes that I could layer – but they were summer layers. Those clothes all seem so flimsy now. Thankfully, I’ve found some winter clothes in a drawer at my father-in-law’s house that I forgot I still had, including a jumper, a dress and a few pairs of tights and a wool coat. The girls have mostly outgrown their summer clothes and their wardrobe has been evolving over the past few weeks, as too-small, worn at the knee clothes are replaced with bigger, warmer and decidedly less threadbare ones.

And at last, an end to our separation from Carina is in sight. My surgery is scheduled for October 1st. Now that we have a definite date we can start to think about booking flights on the other side of my six-week recovery period. Mid-November doesn’t seem so far away now that it’s a definite thing. We can make plans for twelve or so weeks more weeks we will be in the UK and we can start to make plans for what we will do once we are back home aboard Carina.

I never imagined we would still be here in autumn, but here we are.


6 thoughts on “Autumn in the air

  1. There is a change in the air here, too. Even on the cool mornings, I can smell spring. As cold as I’ve been this winter, I still feel as if it is over too soon! Of course, it will be nice to finally be able to get the washing dry more easily

    Good luck with your operation. I hope you recover quickly and easily.

  2. I would rather not think about autumn or even winter actually, for am still enjoying the relatively warm days here in Co.Laois and sitting outside with my coffee.
    By the way I have relayed on to my daughter who lives in Leamington Spa about the free veggies available in Jepson Park, you might see her there along with her son Oliver.

    • Thank you so much! I checked out your blog…and I’m looking forward to reading more! Thanks for the Liebster nomination. I was going to say no, because I did one a few months back. But now I’ve seen your questions and I’m lacking blog inspiration at the moment, I’m going to take up the challenge!! All the best, Martina

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