Me and Anton Savage

Some of you might remember my week of media frenzy back in March when, in the space of three days I appeared on one Irish TV show and two radio shows! It was lots of fun. One of the shows was the Anton Savage Show on Today FM, Ireland’s top commercial radio station. Imagine my surprise and delight when one of the show’s producers contacted me last week to tell me I had been one of their favourite guests of the year and Anton would like to interview me again, to catch up on what we’ve been getting up to since I spoke to him.

The interview took place yesterday morning, and if you’d like to listen to it, the link is here. The segment containing my interview is at 18.12.



2 thoughts on “Me and Anton Savage

  1. Just listened to you 🙂 sounded great, just like you were in town here, on Arviapaluq!
    All the best for a very, very Happy Christmas – say hi to the girls and Julian from me and Gord – and Charly sends greetings too, woof, woof 🙂
    xooxoxo Martha

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