Life aboard

It’s just over two years since we bought Carina, and in that time we’ve lived aboard for eleven months – for six months in 2012 and five months in 2013. In between times we’ve been on land, living in and around Exeter, in the southwest of England. In spring 2014, we are planning to move aboard permanently.

Each move has been accompanied by a transition period of a few weeks, as we re-adjust to living in a small 36-foot boat, with its lack of worktop space, small cooker, no washing machine or shower, and where we have to consider the amount of water we use, the rate we’re using up gas for cooking, and battery power to light the boat at night.

Life on board Carina is good. It’s slower, things take longer, and we’re rocked to sleep at night. In these pages I want to share some thoughts about life on board. There might even be the occasional recipe or handy tip. Enjoy!

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