Ship’s Log


We first saw Carina in late September 2011 at Queen Anne’s Battery, in Plymouth. She had recently returned from the Caribbean. We fell in love with her immediately, and on 2nd November 2011, we were handed the keys and she was ours.

All that winter and spring of 2011 and 2012, Carina stayed on the hard at Queen Anne’s Battery. Julian drove down from Dawlish to Plymouth every Saturday morning and returned every Sunday evening. He spent all those long cold hours making her seaworthy and liveable – log, sea cocks, propeller, rudder, scraping and anti-fouling the hull, curtains, swabs, cleaning, tidying, taking an inventory of everything on board. The list of jobs went on and on. The biggest single (and most expensive) job was having a new engine and new fuel tank installed. But by spring of 2012, she was ready to go back in the water.

2 thoughts on “Ship’s Log

  1. hello,
    i find your blog tonight, and i’m really interesting in your project.
    we(me and my family) did a trip 3 years ago for 11 months in southwest europe and northwest Africa on a 30 foot french made of 1982.the kids were 4 and 1 years when we left, and we spent a lovely time together, having the time to enjoy living and getteing opportunities…
    And we are about to buy a solway 36 which is the same of yours with different appendices under water,… but we won’t sail soon , maybe two years of working on to launch her. she’ll be called Baradozic that means litlle paradise in bretonish.
    So if you come around st malo,we are leaving southward on La Rance river, send me an e mail then we ‘ll show you what this area offer the best, and i ‘ll be interesting about talking about your way of life and your house or boat or both…
    dream your life and live your dream.

    • Hi Benjy,
      Thanks for your message. It’s always so nice to find like-minded sailors! Best of luck with your project on Baradozic. And if we are ever in your part of the world I’ll get in touch.
      All the best,

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