2015 – 400 nautical miles

10 April Aguadulce to Almerimar

12 April Almerimar to Marina del Este

13 April Marina del Este to Benalmádena

17 April Benalmádena to Marbella

18 April Marbella to Marina Smir, Morocco

22 April Marina Smir to Ceuta (Spanish enclave north Africa)

23 April Ceuta (mediterranean) to Barbate, Spain (Atlantic)

25 April – 26 April Barbate to Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Rio Guadiana, Portugal

27 April Vila Real de Santo Antonio to Alcoutim, Rio Guadiana (20 miles up river)

8 June Alcoutim to Laranjeiras, Rio Guadiana (Carina left on a river moring by Julian. Returning to the UK for the summer and Martina’s operation)

3 November Julian, Martina, Lily and Katie returned to Carina after summer in the UK and Martina’s operation

4 November Laranjeiras to Alcoutim

28 November 5 miles upriver to anchor off rio vascao

30 November Return to Alcoutim

5 December 7 miles upriver to Pomerao

8 December Return to Alcoutim

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