Mackerel and cockle paella

We said goodbye to our friend John yesterday morning at L’Aber Wrac’h, as he began his trip back home to Rye, near London. We sailed out of L’Aber Wrac’h at 7.15am, with the girls still fast asleep. Our plan was to sail west and south through the Chenal du Four, and to do that we needed the tide running with us. It was a beautiful still morning; but not much good for sailing, so we motored for the first half of the trip, in a force 1 that left the sea as still as glass. I have some beautiful photos, but this computer will not allow me to upload them. Ah me!! It’ll all come together one of these days!

When we eventually turned south, and the northwest wind grew in strength, we finally got the sails out and fairly raced along, entering the Goulet de Brest at lunchtime. By 2pm we were settled in to the Moulin Blanc Marina for an afternoon of laundry, provisioning, and cleaning the boat.

As luck would have it, an old university friend from my undergrad days in Maynooth was only a few kilometres away, and he and his partner joined us for the afternoon. It was great to see them both, and catch up on what we’ve both been up to in the fourteen years since we last saw each other.

With laundry out of the way and Carina starting to look neat and tidy, I set about making a paella from the mackerel we’d caught and the cockles Julian and the kids had gathered the day before. And what a paella it turned out to be (if I do say so myself!). It went down a treat with a crusty baguette and a glass of white wine.

As I write, Julian and the girls are scrubbing the decks, and we’re about to depart for a very short trip up the L’Elorn river, to anchor for a couple of nights. After that we plan to explore the little nooks and crannies around the Rade du Brest.

The weather is wonderful, the golden sandy beaches are calling to us, and if only I could upload some photos, life would indeed be perfect!!


One thought on “Mackerel and cockle paella

  1. Sounds idyllic 🙂 So glad your weather is good – ours is not, too windy and cool, down to 6 degrees yesterday!! Gord is a frustrated fisherman these days – so he’s turned to another hobby of his, picking blueberries!! All the best to you as you explore the coast of France 🙂

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